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Utah’s Science, Technology, Talent and Innovation Plan

There are three initial requirements for EPSCoR jurisdictions:  1) empowering a State Program Director; 2) development of a State Science and Technology Strategic Plan with state commitment toward its implementation; and 3) empowering a State EPSCoR Committee.  In compliance with these requirements, the Vice Presidents for Research from the University of Utah, Utah State University and Brigham Young University appointed a State Director.  To fulfill the second requirement, the Battelle Technology Partnership Practice was engaged to develop a Utah Science, Technology and Innovation (ST&I) Strategic Plan.


The State Committee membership requires broad, statewide participation including academia, public education, economic development and private industry.  Participation on the committee from all higher education institutions is currently being sought.  Each institution should determine the appropriate individual to serve on the committee.


Strategic Objectives have been established by the State Committee:

Catalyze key energy and environmental research and related activities that empower knowledge generation, dissemination and application;

  • Activate effective jurisdictional and regional collaborations among academic, government and private sector stakeholders that advance scientific research, promote innovation and provide multiple societal benefits;
  • Broaden participation in science and engineering by institutions, organizations and people within and among EPSCoR jurisdictions;
  • Empower future generations in science and engineering through EPSCoR Outreach programs.


Utah’s Science, Technology, Talent and Innovation Plan - PDF

Utah’s Science, Technology, Talent and Innovation Plan Executive Summary - PDF




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